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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Amelia Earhart's Last Flight

I don't think there's anything more motivating for me than reading about really amazing women in history. When I found Amelia Earhart's Last Flight at a used bookstore, I knew it was a must-read.

Plus, hello. That beautiful gold script on the cover. And these lovely inside pages...

I don't usually post about books I haven't finished reading, but this is more of a swoon post than a review. Last Flight was mostly written by Amelia herself, with the intention it would be published as World Flight after she finished her amazing journey. After the disappearance, her husband, George Palmer Putnam published the book and included pieces of her journey as well. So far, it's an incredible and inspiring story.

Amelia and husband, George.

The book includes notes made by Amelia and photographs from her journey on nice glossy pages. 

So far, my favorite passage has been from the forward, written by George:

 So this is not a chronicle of regret, but of high and happy adventure.


the new release by Ann Dowsett Johnston, another very inspiring woman
and women reading

ps. the lovely trunk I took these photographs on was created by my friends at Bergeron Woodworks. I met them during my first New Orleans Jazz Fest and have loved bringing home a piece of their collection every year since.


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