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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Books in Anthropologie's Kitchen Goods

I just got back to Seattle after a wonderful weekend in Cleveland at WMC Fest. I have a few posts planned about what I learned and some wonderful book-related things I discovered and some amazing people I met. But first, something pretty.

I have a lot of travel plans in my near future, which means all my dollars are being saved for flights and meals and silly souvenirs. Which I'm very happy about but it also means a serious spending freeze in all other aspects of my life.

Which also means I should just be browsing on a Tuesday afternoon, where I found these book-related goods.

I really have no need for any of these items right now but I had to share them.

Where is the line of having too many book-related goods? Does it exist? Do we care?

+ beautiful books sold at Anthropologie
+ my most favorite, natural bookends


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