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Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Be Shelved on Domesticated Desk

This week, Domesticated Desk has been all about living in books.

Domesticated Desk has been one of my favorite blogs for quite some time and I was so happy when Rachel reached out to ask if I'd like to share my workspace to coincide with this week's theme.

Obviously, I said yes. And then I had a bit of a nerdy blogger freakout when I realized we are practically neighbors.

Head over to Domesticated Desk to learn more about the series and learn why I keep this mixture of things on my nightstand/working-from-home desk.

I love this series. What do you keep by your workspace to inspire you? I think that what we keep within reach makes such a difference throughout the workday.

And earlier this week, DD featured a post on Printers Row Lit Fest, which I was finally able to attend this year. I'll be sharing some of my finds this weekend (Here's a sneak peek).


My interview on Being Geek Chic
More love for Printers Row


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the post with your readers! We have to get together and go book hunting. Have you been to the little book shop in Michigan with the manual elevator to the second floor and the shop cat?

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