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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Past & Present by Amy Azzarito

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Design*Sponge and over the years I've loved seeing the different contributors that have come and gone from the blog. Amy Azzarito is currently the managing editor for Design*Sponge and I always love her contributions to the site.

This spring, Amy published her first book, "Past & Present: 24 Favorite Moments in Decorative Arts History, and 24 Modern DIY Projects Inspired by Them". It obviously has a beautiful cover.

The cover was illustrated, as well as the rest of the book, by the wonderful Julia Rothman and the book design is by ALSO. Lately a pop of pink (a color I've never really loved) has been so appealing to me so obviously I'm crushing pretty hard on this cover.

In a post about the book on Design*Sponge, Amy shared this little piece of insight on her love for art history, which I really enjoyed:
While researching all of the moments in decorative arts history for this book, I was continually reminded of my own personal design history memories. I remember stumbling across a book called "Life in a Medieval Castle" on my mom’s bookshelf. I was surprised to discover that rather than stories of fairy princesses and knights in shining armor, it was a book about how people actually lived in castles – what they ate, what they wore, what their furniture was like. It was the first moment that I discovered design history.  
I also loved learning that Amy was previously a digital producer at the New York Public Library, which wasn't on my list of dream jobs before but it might be now.

"Past & Present" is available on Amazon.

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