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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Crescent City Books

Well this is a post that is quite overdue. Back in January, I went to New Orleans for work (and beignets), but had some free time to explore. I visit the Big Easy at least once a year for the Jazz and Heritage Festival or volunteer work, but never have very much time to just wander or do "normal" tourist things.

I'm so glad to have found Crescent City Books on this trip. I'm definitely making a point to stop in on my next visit this May.

The selection of beautiful books was actually overwhelming and I could have spent hours in the store. I swear I pulled every book off the shelf in the mystery section just to see all the amazing vintage hardback jackets. 

I walked away with only two purchases: A new book, "Errata" by New Orleans author Michael Allen Zell, which I'll review later this week, and a beautiful vintage copy of Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory", printed in 1956.

I'm such a sucker for gold foil on book covers. I can't help it. Which is why I have complete regret over not buying this Louisiana guide. It was $50, but in retrospect I really think it would have been a worthy purchase. Not only did the cover have gold, it featured a beautiful fold-out map.

Instead, that $50 went towards delicious New Orleans cuisine and drinks so I guess it's not the biggest regret of my life.

Of course, no rare books shop would be complete without a cat. Meow.

Crescent City Books has definitely joined my list of favorite book stores.

More beautiful vintage books
One of my favorite uses for old books


samantha ramage said...

ooh it looks like you had an amazing trip! i am going to new orleans in august- and i will have to visit that book shop! let me know if you have any other suggestions!

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