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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Witches' Supermarket

This week at work we featured a round-up of children's books that are great for October bedtimes. I couldn't help but pitch-in with my personal favorite: The Witches' Supermarket.

Growing up, I look forward to reading The Witches' Supermarket every fall. Part of the Martha Speaks series, the story follows Helen and her dog Martha to a supermarket on Halloween night that caters to witches and their cats. As they travel from aisle to aisle, Helen and Martha start to sense something is a little off with the other shoppers and the items in their carts.

I really hope my mom still has our worn-down paperback copy at home. If not, I've found a hardcover copy on Etsy that is pretty tempting to purchase.

(images via Etsy)


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