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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Oh Joy! at West Elm

Last night, my friend Heather and I headed up to West Elm for the Oh Joy! book launch. It was awesome to see so many Chicago bloggers come out, hear from Joy herself and eat absolutely too many salted caramels. Plus, the book display they had created to hang from the ceiling was fantastic.

Joy's Q&A session was a huge inspiration. My new job has really stolen all of my time and energy during the adjustment period, especially since I'm still finishing up some projects from my old job, but I'm excited to re-dedicate time each week to To Be Shelved.

And, I blogged about "Blog, Inc" back in June when I pre-ordered the book and can't wait to get it in a few weeks. You can order your own copy on Amazon.

Update: I love our Smilebooth photo!

Plus, my obsession with Eat the City (interview coming soon!)
and these came in the mail yesterday!


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