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Friday, September 28, 2012

MIKILI Bicycle Racks

I don't own a bike. I feel like since I'm in the city I'd much rather use the CTA card I already have or just walk somewhere. Also, I think this spares me from ever being called a 'hipster'. Anyway, I don't own a bike but if I did I would absolutely buy this beautiful MIKILI bike rack/bookshelf. It's really beautiful and puts your bike on display as well as your books.

Maybe I'll just have to buy a really beautiful vintage bike to put on display. That seems like a much better way to spend my money than on rent.

More about MIKILI
and more bookshelves here and here.

(Found via Anthology)


Mandy said...

That is the most gorgeous bike rack I've ever seen! My bike sits next to my bed, so I definitely need a solution...unfortunately it's a lady bike so it wouldn't fit in any of these...and I don't have 249 Euros to spend. Boo.

samantha ramage said...

i feel nervous just looking at the way that vintage camera strap is dangerously tangled with the bike!! such a cool idea, although i would fear everyday my books and bike would end up on the floor with a pile of wood. haha


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