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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Say, You Say

I had the pleasure of hearing and photographing illustrator and designer Tad Carpenter at Weapons of Mass Creation Festival in Cleveland this summer. During his presentation he mentioned a few children's books he'd been working on and I'm so happy to be blogging about them now.

According to the website, Tad created the series with a goal to put an importance on visual literacy and encourage interactive learning. "But really, most importantly, Tad wanted to create a series that was super, duper, crazy fun" for the whole family. Which is how "Animal Sounds" and "Opposites" became the first books of the series.

Limited edition screen prints and bookmarks have also been released to celebrate the books. You can buy them in the I Say, You Say store.
You can buy the books on Amazon, and learn more about them on the "I Say, You Say" site.

Plus, more beautiful children's books.
& a book I made with the boys I used to nanny.

(all images via I Say You Say)


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