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Saturday, January 21, 2012


According to some of my non-designer friends, all the designers they know have a wardrobe consisting of black, gray and stripes. I have to admit that's not very far off. I rarely wear anything that sparkles, or anything with much color, but on New Years Eve I tend to go all out (this year especially).

I know NYE is three weeks behind us, but shiny things are still catching my eye. Which is why when I saw these Golden Book spines on Pinterest, I wanted to call home to see if my mom had held onto any of ours. I get so much light in my room and I think they'd look great on my shelves.

Plus, it's always nice to have some childhood favorites around.

(photo 1, photo 2)


samantha ramage said...

aw, i miss those books. i recently bough a copy of a richard scarry children's book and it's amazing! they don't make them like that anymore!!


Heather.Joy said...

Love this! I know there are still boxes and boxes of Golden books at my parents' house.

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