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Monday, January 16, 2012

Book Trade Labels

The last time I blogged (a month ago, embarrassing), I talked a little bit about the internet's latest addiction: Pinterest. Over on Pinterest, I have a board for books and a board for bookshelves, but neither are quite as cool as this board created for book trade labels.

I can't remember how I originally found this particular board (oops) but some of these vintage labels are really beautiful.

I obviously recommend following it. Big thanks to Eric Krass / funnel for curating such a unique board.


samantha ramage said...

welcome back! thanks for the faboo pinterest recommendations- now following all three <3 sami

Alaina Buzas said...

Thanks Samantha!

Mike Watson said...

I don`t speak on many sites that I come across but I felt I couldn’t pass up the opportunity with this one. Excellent post. I can only imagine what you will be writing in the future.

Love it! Keep the Good Work.

Trade Portal

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