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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Autumn De Wilde

Autumn De Wilde is probably best known for her work with Elliott Smith, who she was close friends with. I already own her book about Smith, which includes interviews with Beck, Chris Walla and many more artists about their own experiences with Smith. Of course, the book is also full of De Wilde's incredible portraits of the Elliott.

I love her Elliott Smith book so much and was really happy to hear (via her blog) that she now has a book out on Beck. The cover is just perfect and I think the colors and styling are very representative of Beck's style. And of course, the book promises to hold some great portraits and stories. Plus, hey, a forward by Michel Gondry. This just gets better and better.

The book doesn't come out until November, which means it will definitely be on my Christmas List. Until then, here are a few of my favorite portraits Autumn has made of Beck. The first was used for the cover of his album "Sea Change" but I would definitely frame it and hang it up in my apartment.

Both books are available from the always awesome Chronicle Books

(all images Autumn De Wilde)


Anonymous said...

The Minutiae. Has a uber cool black and grey and white cover art thing. Its great.

Kailey said...

Really love these portraits - the cover is absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing ^^

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