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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

heat wave!

I'm a Midwest girl to the core and have never desired to live on a coast (the Great Lakes are enough for me). One of the reasons I love this region is we don't have absolutely ridiculous temperatures and we still have seasons. BUT OH JUST KIDDING because Chicago has been hit by a ridiculous heat wave with temperatures that feel like 110 degrees. I did not sign up for this and am so thankful my apartment and my workplace have air conditioning.

I was browsing the Knock Knock store and was like, 'oh hey these guys totally get me right now!' I could fill all three of these fun notebook/activity books with rants about this ridiculous heat (and then look back at them in the winter and pray for a heatwave again of course).

Beautiful, melodramatic notebooks for the win.

Click to find: DIE, OMFG, KILL YOU


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