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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Cover Potential VII

It is always so interesting to me what different people deem picture worthy, and how those decisions can still matter a hundred years later. I just spent the past few hours (super lazy evening) browsing The Field Museum's Flickr photostream and I discovered some really wonderful vintage photographs that I think would make excellent book covers (plus, no copyright restrictions).

I only pulled a few to share here but I recommend heading over to Flickr and taking a look yourself. I just think all of these are so perfect and beautiful. I know there are plenty of museums with archives on Flickr other than The Field Museum that are worth digging through as well. You could probably spend weeks browsing them. At the risk of sounding nostalgic for school days, what a great, free educational resource.

Back to covers, I can totally see the ones I've included fitting perfectly with some of my favorite books and the personalities of some of my favorite authors (especially Michael Pollan and Bill Bryson). I'm so glad I spent some time on this archive.

PS. If you've missed my previous posts on images with book cover potential, you can check them out HERE.


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