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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tell All

I really enjoyed reading Chuck Palahniuk's "Tell All" (and you can read my review HERE) but I was not a huge fan of the jacket on my hardcover copy. I loved the simple black cover with silver foil text under the jacket, but the jacket itself didn't make a lot of sense to me for the story. It just seems like a lot of colors and glitter and lack of an illustration.
Well, great news for anyone who agrees with me: a paperback edition is now available with a brand new cover, in US and UK versions. 
For some reason, the UK version still uses that glittery type, but I really love the silhouette used. The US version is definitely my favorite of the three. The title coming from the tears are just wonderful and the use of minimal red in the lipstick is great, too.

(all images / found via Vintage & Anchor)


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