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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adam Johnson and Ray Bradbury

I know I've been talking about my new job a lot and not so much about books but there really is something great about having a job you truly love. When you care about what you're creating more than you care about your recognition or payment for it, I think that really shows in your work.

Which is definitely the case for Adam Johnson, a Senior Designer at Harper Collins. Some of Johnson's most recent work is this series of Ray Bradbury covers.

On his blog, Adam writes:
I have a passion for working on his covers because quite frankly the majority out there have not been done well enough. They seem to often paint him in a whimsical or comical light and do not take him seriously enough, nor capturing the beauty of his writings.

I want to use my powers for good, so-to-speak. I am passionate about things that are meaningful and enriching to the soul, like I find him to be. There is so much smut, filth, and degrading writing done with beautiful covers that I hope he now has fair advantage. I’m hoping new readership will come to him and that he will be seen for what he really is—a national treasure, a bearer of light & truth, and an enormous literary figure.

There seems to be a general desire among many designers I've interviewed or read about to bring design justice to their favorite authors and works. I feel like this is just part of the reciprocal relationship between author and reader, but an aspect that non-designers wouldn't really understand.

You can CLICK HERE to view some of Adam's other work, but I want to also mention his cover for "The Glory of Their Times". I have a vintage hardback copy of this book which I absolutely love and it makes me happy to see that Johnson's cover retains some of that vintage feel. In fact, I'm considering picking up a copy just to have the set.

I encourage you to check out Adam's website, including his identity and illustration work. I know that finding it has started my Saturday on the right foot.

(images / found via designworklife)


Matt Roeser said...

These are beautiful. Love them.

Adam is super talented. If I had to pick another of my favorites of his, I'd say the Oscar Wilde cover. Awesome.

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