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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ferocious Quarterly

I love Twitter. I know people can tend to tweet some pretty boring things like pictures of their lunch (and I'm a guilty party) but Twitter has become such an amazing platform when used properly. Just this morning, I learned via my Twitter feed about a house fire in Detroit, that Jonathan Franzen keeps weed in his freezer and about this awesome publication called Ferocious Quarterly.

Ferocious Quarterly combines the work of illustrators, graphic artists and writers to create a nice kind-of quarterly publication (according to their website, the folks at Ferocious decided Quarterly sounded better than here-and-there). I am always a fan of all-things Mid-West and it just so happens FQ is curated by a group of friends in Indiana. So far there have been two issues of FQ and work for the third is being collected.

The covers really do the art inside justice. To see photos of the inside of each issue and for more information on FQ, click through the jump.

(all images are Ferocious / found via a Megabolt tweet)

Other FQ links:
  • check out the Ferocious Quarterly Vimeo page to see videos of each issue
  • view the FQ shop to purchase past issues
  • As a companion to the not-quarterly printed publication, they also run a blog called Blogrocious which has some pretty great stuff.


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