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Monday, April 04, 2011


I had such a great time in New York. One of the highlights was definitely the drizzly afternoon Chase and I spent wandering until we came across Magnolia Bakery (one of his favorites). I didn't even notice the little Marc Jacobs bookstore across the street until we walked out of Magnolia, but it seemed perfect that the two were right next to each other. Chase is in the pastry business and I am clearly eager to go to any and every bookshop.
I walked out of BOOKMARC with a F. Scott Fitzgerald novella, which I'll be posting a review for later, and a nice little necklace. I am so proud of myself for being a responsible shopper because there were about fifteen books I wanted to buy there.

Also, I have to mention the staff at BOOKMARC, who were so friendly. They made the tiny little store feel cozy instead of cramped and like a one-of-a-kind experience instead of part of the huge world of Marc Jacobs.

(all images mine)


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