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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

InvadeNOLA Pre-Order

The InvadeNOLA book I mentioned before is finally available for pre-order. After (what I'm sure was a very intense) cover poll, they happened to choose my favorite.

"It’s our personal testament of sex, music, and culture from the perspective of some pretty awesome millennials. But the real magic is that we did it ourselves for ourselves, funded by people who genuinely believe in the power of independent media.

While the internet displays your words to the masses, there is something magical about printed words on paper. In this book, you will read one writer’s search for a “Playgirl” magazine featuring famous Blaxploitation actor Fred Williamson; you will learn the Muslim roots of an Urban Outfitters trend; and experience one writer’s near breakup with New Orleans."
AND if you pre-order the book along with this sweet t-shirt, it will cost you only $22. Totally worth it.


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