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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Future of the Book

This video is a lot of awesome in under five minutes. Watch it either here on the page, or at Vimeo.

Created by IDEO, "The Future of the Book", the video explores the idea that "an increasingly digital context can add to our notion of books, instead of taking away from it."

They propose three ways to read: Nelson, Coupland and Alice. To learn more about them, click to read under the jump. Then, if you have ideas to contribute, check out their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

Nelson is described as "giving readers what they need to form their own opinions on the topics of our time". I think this would be perfect for research and for text books and I wish it had been around when I was doing my undergrad.

Coupland "helps to determine key reading materials based on your professional network". It seems to work a bit like GoodReads, which I love, but with more of an emphasis on networking within your line of work and not socially.

Alice helps the reader become more involved in the narratives they're reading. I love this idea, especially when incorporated with a series, which I think readers are more dedicated to anyway. Personally, and not shamefully, I would love to use Alice features while reading Harry Potter.


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