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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Moving & Donating

Well, after a year in one of the best apartments in Bowling Green (in my opinion), it is time to move out. I'll be subleasing another apartment for a month so I can finish my classes and work at The BG News and after that, I have no concrete plans. All of this moving means it is beyond time to start packing and figuring out what I need at my sublease home and what I can pack away until I know how my future will unfold. Please see the madness below:

Which all really just means, what books can I not live without? This difficult and painful sorting process started with choosing what books to donate to Grounds For Thought. Usually, book donations earn the donater some book credit, to be used to future purchases. This time, I'll just be dropping them off for others to enjoy (and probably stocking up on a lot of delicious coffee beans as well).

Before I take in the books though, I wanted to highlight some great covers I'll be giving away. CLICK HERE to see the covers below larger and to see other covers I may never, ever see again.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.


bridget said...

if you want, i can hang on to pretty little mistakes for you. i am intrigued by it. if you've already donated it then that is cool too.

<3 bridg

Alaina Buzas said...

For sure, I'll set it aside for you.

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