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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Bags Full (A Review)

It should come as no surprise the reason I first picked up Leonie Swann's international bestseller Three Bags Full was its cover. The reason I chose to bring the book home from the store and read my first sheep detective story was the fact that it was, well, a sheep detective story.

The novel follows a herd of sheep who have recently lost their shepherd, George, as they try to uncover the mystery of his death and find a way to carry on with their sheep lives. Although the book is a bit slow at first, Swann's writing is witty and clever, creating an enjoyable read the whole way through.

A core group of about five sheep lead the investigation, each endearing characters with their own quirks and detective tricks. My favorite character was Mopple the Whale, a large sheep who loves to eat and is known for his perfect memory.

Since the story is told through the eyes of the herd, humans and human life are seen in an unusual light. A lot of the time I found myself laughing while reading came from the sheep's examination of the daily life of humans and how unusual our behavior might seem to animals. In the same way, having the story told from the herd's perspective offered many humorous pieces of a sheep's life.

One of my favorite parts of reading Three Bags Full was that it also doubled as a flip book. In the bottom right corner of each page was a small sheep who jumped as you flipped the pages.

Overall, Swann's first novel was a fun read and perfect for summer. The connection between the sheep and their lost shepherd was touching, while their detective journey was funny and adventurous.


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