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Thursday, May 06, 2010

The 100 Books of Alaina Buzas

My friend Taylor, was required to create a mini-documentary for a class she was in. She chose to do some interviews with me about my love for books and follow me around our campus library. The title, "The 100 Books of Alaina Buzas" is supposed to reference "that time" I checked out 100 books, which is something all undergrads are allowed to do at BGSU. I don't understand who made that rule, and I didn't actually check out 100 books because I felt bad for the librarians who would have to put them away.

It's always awkward to watch yourself on film and hear your own voice, but Taylor did a great job on this. I've posted part one (of three). The other two parts can be found here and here.


bridget said...

oh hai i <3 u and i had forgotten how much. here is one of the reasons: you have many leather bound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany. i like the documentary! and i miss you. you will definitely have to let me know next time you are in town. i am completely free until the end of june then i start school again. xoxo bridg

Dave Sennerud said...

I love having lots of books. However, such a library isn't a whole lot of fun to move. Every time I do, I have friends curse me. That's probably why last time I hired people to move all my boxes!

Dave Sennerud said...

BTW, awesome videos. She did a nice job. You're a star!

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