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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Design student wizards take on OZ

Jessica Hische is a typographer and illustrator who you might know for her Daily Drop Cap project. She recently posted on her blog about a design class she taught at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Hische explains she assigned the students one main project: to design the book cover, endpapers, titlepage and bookplate for a special edition novelization of The Wizard of Oz.

An artist I've posted about before, Jim Tierney, was one of her students. His work was among my favorites but they all turned out quite well.

I also really enjoyed Michael Olivo's take on the beloved classic. I love the colors on the cover and the cloud patterns on the inside. The tornado splitting the cover is what really caught my attention, though.

I recommend visiting Hische's blog to see all the work by these up-and-coming designers. I'll definitely be bookmarking some of their blogs and following their work in the future.


Zak said...

Nice, I love Jessica Hische. The first cover may be my favorite, but the one you chose is a close second. Great color.

If you like expressive type, you should check out Keetra Dixon, who just taught a workshop at RISD this weekend.

Alaina Buzas said...

I loved the first one, too, but decided not to dedicate half my blog posts to Jim Tierney, even though he probably deserves it. I love his work.

And thanks for the heads up on Dixon.

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