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Sunday, February 21, 2010

World Map of Books Published

I really have a thing for book covers. I can't explain it, it just makes my day when I find a well-designed cover.

But I also really have a thing for great maps. In fact, I like them so much I have ten different maps currently posted on my bedroom walls. I like old maps and new maps; maps of places I have visited and maps of places I can't wait to visit. 

The combination of the two just might cause me to die of an overdose on aesthetic pleasures.

Now, I just found an entry on the Creative Review Web site featuring a book I absolutely must own: "The Atlas of the Real World". Sure this entry was published a little bit ago, but this book is still stunning.

One of the maps created for this atlas illustrates the number of new book titles published each year per country.

According to the Creative Review entry... "Each new book published is counted only once on this map, regardless of how many copies it sells... A book is defined as having at least 50 pages; a pamphlet has 5 to 49 pages. Publications with fewer than 5 pages are not shown on this map. Worldwide, about a million new book titles were published in 1999, with the largest numbers published in the United Kingdom, China and Germany. Overall, the map is dominated by Western Europe, which is home to a number of well established publishing houses."

I am always checking out new ways to combine my passions. Does anyone know of other book-related maps?


Лера said...
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Лера said...

one professor in my university showed me this map. he told us it is "the world by the number of books borrowed from the libraries every year year"

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